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Happy Friday!

Happy Friday everybody!

So I thought I would activate my smack pack wyest this morning, and then proceed with doing a starter when I come home from work. Upon smacking my pack somehow the side bursted and yeast sprayed out the side everywhere. Well, all I have to say is, I don’t think i’ll be smacking them anymore… now my brew day is set back! lol

Should be called a squeeze pack. Just like chop saw is called a miter saw by carpenters

To me it does not seem like you are having a happy Friday.

I agree. Hopefully the rest of my day will be better, but who knows! This is the first time this ever happen to me.

I swear, it takes me like ten minutes to pop that little pack. Above cost savings, the annoyance of that little nutrient pack is my number one reason for harvesting yeast.

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White labs for me. Those smack packs are silly.

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Always been a concern for me. I’ll usually try cornering and squeezing the nutrient pack, then when I get frustrated I give it a smack, then it gets a hulk smack… lol

The only problem I’ve had was my most recent. Only one of the 2 nutrient packs inside burst upon smacking. I added it subsequently to the starter when I pitched after sanitizing it.

Like @voodoo_donut when the bag is puffed up on arrival, a.k.a. WY 1056, I sanitize the pack. Pour the yeast. Then break the nutrient pack and add to the starter wort.

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I had one explode all over a black Wyeast t-shirt I was wearing. Made for a nice photo op.

I once had a touch screen laptop that I found out was not a punch screen.

Did Wyeast start using a different pack? I see the mountain design under your thumb but have never seen a pack that color.

And yes, it’s a PIA to chase the nutrient pack all around in there. I find myself using more and more dry yeast. That is something I would never have done when first brewing.

I never had one of the original packages, but it looks like they did. Not sure when the change was made though.

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