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Happy Cinco de Mayo

The brew club is meeting today and having a Cinco de Mayo party. I brewed some Mexican lagers and a Vienna lager along the lines of Negra Modelo. The host is making burritos and everyone will be bringing food. I haven’t decided what to make for food yet.

Down with the French!

I decided to make a dessert, will be frying sopapillas on site. Using real lard in the recipe and the fryer. Topping with a drizzle of honey and a shake of a mix of cinnamon and chili powder.

Probably a little late to make, Emeril has a killer enchilada sauce. ... index.html

I find it works good for around 10 enchiladas, the way I make them.

Works great to make a double batch and freeze the extras for quick microwave reheats.

Sounds good, I’ll bookmark that for the next Mexican night at home.

I have a bunch of dried Hatch chilis that I need to use, but I really don’t know what to make other than chili sauce.

Meeting went well, excellent beef burritos and my sopapillas came out nice and pillowy. I put some beer in them in place of water, couldn’t really tell though. It did rain several times and chased us inside, but it was a nice cool day otherwise. The Vienna and the Mexican lager both cleared up rather well by the party, they can probably astand another two weeks of lagering to really get them bright.


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