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Happy Brew Season

@sneezles61 just reminded me my brew season is about to begin anew. Don’t get to brew much in the summer . Fall and winter especially is my season to brew


Enjoy buddy!

I’m with ya. Summer is just too busy. The cooler fall weather doesn’t hurt either. I’ll put up with the 5° weather though to brew a batch.

I hope you have some special tricks up your sleeve! … And of course, you and a few others may enjoy expanding on them? :grin: Sneezles61

This is my busy season for brewing at home its slow season at the brewery. We will brew pilot batches now through thanksgiving and some core beers if we run low. This weekend at home im brewing a Doppel bock and Belgian Dubbel. The Belgian yeast is from the dregs of Taxman belgian blonde that i built up.

Me too! I usually take the summer off- from June through early September, although I usually start fruit wines and meads then (no boiling!)… Started up again 9/1. An Altbier, of course. Will do a graf and a regular cider this weekend, then have a spiced Scotch ale planned for the next couple weeks. Will start my lager series mid November.

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It’s not that I mind brewing in the summer. And with my glycol controlled conicals I can brew anything I want. It’s just that it’s very very busy.


Cool clysol fermentors. Me brew tomorow. A stout vanillabean. Cacou nibs. Or a pale ale. Both are for the xmas. Party. My wife host at my house. For my fam and. Her store workers. Last year fun stuff. Good food. Its nice to have. A brother in law who works as a cheff.

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It is my favorite time of year to brew! I just purchased the ingredients for a few new batches and just finished up a Hazy Session.


Looks juicy

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I’d bet some of those finicky, only drinks clear brews peeps, just just fell of their chairs! :joy: I haven’t had one that… “thick”… so, my interest would cause me to warm up to glass of that to see whats going on… I would say, by the looks of all thats going on in that picture, you are a well seasoned brewer of all things beery!
I’d like to hear more from you and what makes your setup run! Sneezles61

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