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Happy Big Brew Day!

I’m headed up to the LHBS later to do a demo. The owner is doing an extract and an AG demo of a Two Hearted clone. I will be doing a small batch BIAB with no-chill version of the same brew. I’m curious if I can get a good hop flavor/aroma out of no-chill. My first attempt recently made a very nice malty Southern Brown wort.

Anybody brewing for Big Brew today?

Nope. :lol: But tomorrow I’m bottling an Ahtanum Pale Ale and an IRA and brewing a double IPA.

Brewing a robust porter this morning. I’m just about ready to start sparging.

I’m brewing today with my little sister and her fiance. Brewing up two batches to serve at their wedding this fall. Waldo Lake Amber and my house IPA (MullerBrau’s Red Chair IPA grainbill with homegrown hops.)

Just ground the grain & weighed out hops. Flame on in T minus 5…


Waiting on the mash of my Bourbon Barrel Belgian Quad. Had a funny thing happen this morning though:

I had posted some stuff out on Craigslist and a guy wanted to come buy some of it. When he showed up we did business and he said: “looks like you’re ready to cook a big meal.” I told him I was brewing beer for National Homebrew day. We talked a little bit and I showed him my setup. He then said to me:

“I don’t drink that Bud and Miller crap anymore. I only go for the craft and micro-brews. Too much flavor there to be passin’ up.”

It was all I could do to keep from hugging him…but I guess that’d been kinda weird.

4 of us from the club brewed at my house this morning. I brewed a THA clone. Additionally there were two other American IPA’s and an American brown brewed. Listened to some George Jones and Slayer and drank some of my Maibock and Vienna lager. Happy Big Brew Day!!

Cleaning up from brewing an all-Centennial APA (feeling the THA love as well). Grist is pils, Vienna, and Munich; had originally planned on doing a kolsch but don’t have the time to lager it properly before leaving on a trip. Will be interested to see how this one turns out.

Had a blast, met some brewers, one guy and his dad lived near the shop and we took a tour of their brewery that was a single tier HERMS setup with two chuggers and a plat chiller. Sweet! Those guys know their stuff.

My BIAB didn’t go so well, I guess leaving it unattended and not keeping it warm caused me to have low efficiency. The no-chill worked well enough though and the wort smelled of hops when I pitched yeast this morning. I spiked the wort with some DME and a little sugar to get the gravity closer to where it was supposed to be. I’m fermenting with alt ale yeast and will dry hop.

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