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Happy 4th!

Happy 4th of July! Hope most of you are off work and resting/celebrating today( or even brewing).

Will be kegging my Throwback Cream Ale today as my Porter kicked last night, creating space in my kegerator.

Trying to get some “summer- weight” beers on tap as the next few months are better suited to pale ales and crisp lagers as opposed to doppelbocks and porters!

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Happy 4th all! Sadly I went to start carbonating Pliny and Headdy clones last night after we got back from our neighborhood party and found my CO2 tank to be empty. Guess that will have to start tomorrow as nothing is open today. :innocent: :boom:


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Happy Independence day!
I bottled a 1G batch of Maple wine that I started back on 4/4, but then went off to the lake. Quaffed a few and tried to cool off, but even up here in the Northeast corner, it’s pretty wicked hot.

The 4th was a great day! I had to have a talk with some dopey kids’ parents that was sitting next to us during the parade… He kept getting in the way as I was retrieving those treats they throw out! He was way quicker than I ! Any way, I got my 20 lb tank of CO2 and proceeded not to rack my 009, golden ale… Its been in the fridge for like a week… Fireworks were cancelled here due to rain… which turned and went south… But around the lake… It was better what the town could do! It was like a competition!
I hope you all had a great day too! Sneezles61

Damn kids trying to get your treats. Kids these days

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