Happy 4th; What's brewing?

I’m starting a Zombie Dust clone, even though I just realized this is the wrong holiday do be doing the Monster Mash.

Happy 4th!
And God bless all those who serve, or ever served, to protect our freedom.

I’m bottling a patio crusher pale ale this weekend. I’m debating starting a porter, as I wanted to enter it in the State Fair hombrew contest, but well see.

Hopefully I will get to brew up an american wheat (maybe a porter) tomorrow. Happy 4th everyone! :cheers:

Trying to decide between a cream ale or a Brown ale for this evening. Happy 4th.Murica!

Just pitched the yeast in a NB simcoe smash. Nice brew day on the screened porch with lots of rain around. Happy 4th everyone.



Might do a Kölsch this evening if it cools down. 104 here right now… :shock:

I’ll be doing a cider on the 4th and bottling a helles bock some time in the next 3 or 4 days.

Was going to brew a helles today, but decided to be lazy instead. I have a full kegerator at the moment, so I think I’ll wait and brew it next weekend.


Smoking lots of meat tomorrow. Brewing an English pale on Sunday.

Brewed Jamil’s Octoberfest today. Fantastic brew day!

Today was Bottling day. 3 gallons Bourbon Barrel Porter that has been on oak cubes and Makers Mark for 35 days. Tastes delicious already. Also, 3 gallons Bells Two Hearted clone IPA. A Belgian Witbier is in the primary and a Cascadian Dark Ale (Black IPA) is serving up from the kegerator.
I’ll take the Fourth of July off from brewing. Flying to Germany and will imbibe some of their fantastic creations instead. May all have a safe Independence Day. Thanks America.

Fridge is almost empty–only about 20 bottles left. Waiting for a brown ale to finish carbonating in the bottle.

Should be ready in about three days.

Brew on!

Brewed a green tea pale ale on the 3rd, and I will be brewing a vanilla porter next weekend as well as bottling my last batch of CS. Also taught the kids that bottle rockets will sill go off under water :lol:

Brewed the Antithesis saison from our host on the third.

I brewed an Oktoberfest on the 4th. Got up early so we could still attend a July 4th party later in the day.

Brewed a high-gravity Oud Bruin on the 4th. Can’t wait to try it in two years! Bottled 6 gallons of berliner weisse on the 3rd as well.