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Halp! Mah cells are dying!

I found a vial of White Labs WLP001 that expired about 4-5 weeks ago…what’s the probability there are still some viable yeasties in there?! I can throw them on the stir plate this weekend and start to step it up to see what happens, but curious what the sediment…er…sentiment is out there for a vial past it’s prime…? What say you?


I would make a 3/4 to 1 gallon starter this weekend. Let it ferment out. Cold crash, decant and pitch on a beer next weekend.

I thing your viability is still high. No need to step it up.

I think you will be pleasantly surprised with how “old” yeast can turn out given they were stored at the right temperature and you make a starter. I had an Oktoberfest yeast that was probably 6 months past its prime. My LHBS discounted them 30% so I thought, ehh, what the hell. The yeast turned out just fine after a starter was made.

I personally think that yeast are tougher than we as homebrewers give them credit for. Especially if you give them time for a starter, i wouldnt worry about it. A 1 or 2L starter will be plenty on a stirplate without having to step up.

Sounds like I’ll be resuscitating some cells this weekend! :mrgreen:

The yeast is about 5 months old meaning, that only about 10% of the cells are viable which will be fine if used properly.

I would suggest starting with a 500ml starter max, fermenting it out and stepping up from there.

Pitching 10 billion cells into a 1 gallon starter is asking for stressed, possibley infected yeast.


10-4, Roger that, over & out! Tango Victor Mango!

I’ve use quite a few smack packs that were 1-1.5 years old. The only thing I have noticed about them is that they take longer to start when I make a starter.

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