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Hallertau aroma hops

I see the term floral/lime aroma in the description of this hop. Has anyone out there used this hop? How much lime, if any, did you actually get?

There’s no lime aroma in this hop at all. Not sure where you heard that. Floral, yes, sort of. But mostly what I get from this one is herbal and spicy, and somewhat grassy.

Looks like the op is referring to the new zealand hallertau. It says that they are floral/lime in their aroma.

Its amazing how a new growing area can change a hop. On the other hand, they are often not the same variety. US Goldings isn’t the same as EKG for example, its Canterbury Goldings. And US Tettnanger is a relative of Fuggles.

Yes, it is the N Z hallertau aroma hop listed in the latest Northern Brewer catalog.

NZ hops seem to have a common citrus component. Lime sounds very nice for a light ale. or as a component of a citrusy hop blend. I’m sure it isn’t over the top. Now I’m going to have to try this one out. I just did a Pacific Jade pale ale.

I was thinking about taking a hint from that old song that says to “Put the lime in the coconut” and maybe use this hop in the coconut wheat beer that I brew every so often.

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