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Half barrel sourcing

Does anyone have a source for used half barrels? They don’t come up on Criagslist that often and EBay has some for sale but shipping is as much as the keg itself in most cases. Any ideas?

Use your judgement and see other posts about this.

“legal” kegs are available only from the owner, the brewery or manufacture.

Sabco sells kegs. , but are pricy.

Kegs cost the brewery ~$100 each. Depending on the number they order at a time. Some singles can be found on

Those that you find on CL were never returned to the store for the $30 deposit. A loss to the brewery. If you can’t find something when the kids leave college you will have to use the other sources.

Kegs are heavy. Look into a 60+ quart pot. Lighter in weight.

Legitimate scrapyards, at least in Oregon, will have them. They can be some what beat up, though.

Stout is selling kegs. ... oduct-2-2/

Keep in mind after all the work and buying hardware for a keggle, that buying a proper brew kettle may be easier and better. After almost 10 years of using keggles, I just bought one of their 20 gallon kettles with all the accessories.

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