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Hi folks, first post here.

I am gonna try a Gruitbier in a few weeks, and i found a nice recipe from 2006 ( that suggested
using lavender, woodruff, juniper and rosemary for the role of the hops.

The problem is that there is no Woodruff this side of the equator. Could you guys suggest any substitutions? Please, only generally legal ones :wink:


Woodruff is a unique flavor. Not sure how it could be simulated. You could try a small amount of fresh oregano or basil or something like that instead. With any herb additions, always figure out exactly how much you think you want to use… and THEN use only 1/3 as much! People tend to overdo their herb additions. Happens all too often. Use way way less than your instincts tell you to use, and you will be much happier!! I did this with my homemade gruit, and I was very happy indeed.


A quick research (google) finds that Coumarin is supposed to be what gives woodruff it’s flavor/aroma. There are a few herbs and nuts in Brazil that are rich in Coumarin, so I’ll go that way.

Thanks for the"1/3" tip!


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