I have just read Buhner’s book (very interesting) and would like to brew a gruit for the “Game of Thrones” season opener. The recipe cited uses for one gallon, 3lbs malt (1/2 caramel) and 1.5 oz each of yarrow, bog myrtle, marsh Rosemary. In reviewing prior searches, I am concerned that this may be a bit too much. Has anyone made this recipe or have any experience with these herbs?

That would be way too much herbs. Search for my koyt recipe which is much more tasty. Koyt is a type of gruit.

I have made some nice 5 gallon batches using comparable amounts of herbs (a viking beer made with 1.5oz yarrow for 60min and 2oz heather tips at 5 min). You can always test small amounts of herb teas before brewing to get an idea of the flavors and bitterness to expect.

I munch on the herbs ahead of time. It does give you a good idea of what to expect although of course the boiled character will never be exactly the same as raw.