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Growlers over filled

Hey if they went to waste THEIR beer to give ME MORE I’m fine with that.

I think they do it so if you get pulled over, the po-po can see if you drank any.

Most of the breweries around me have switched to pressurized growler fillers and flip tops so there is no waste and the beer lasts a long time and doesn’t have to be drunk right away. I know what you mean about them wasting beer though by filling from the tap. You think it would be a priority to invest in one of those fillers, you think it would pay for itself.

I’ve seen the waste but I fill mine at home without spilling a drop. They have too much velocity at the tap.

Another thing that’s nice about those fillers is the bartender can put the growler in and walk away to fill empty glasses, cha ching.

Having no headspace in the growler, to me, is preferable to oxidized beer.

+1 it also helps keep the correct level of carbonation.

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