Growler storage

have you ever taken a sugar primed beer in a keg and poured it into a growler with plastic wrap and cap
for a seal… and kept it for a month in the fridge??

If never done it from a sugar primed keg but I’ve done from a co2 carbonated keg. I don’t use plastic wrap though. I put the cap on tight as I can and then wrap with electrical tape. It has held carb well for awhile, never tried it for months but I’m sure it would hold if it was leaking the beer would go flat pretty quick. Use colored electrical tape for a nicer presentation.

The local micro brewery by me says a growler will stay carbonated for a week or so if unopened. They always try to fill them as much as possible to keep as much O2 out as possible I assume.

Honestly I will guess a month will end in flat beer without any way to pressurize the growler.

talk about elegant ... ed-growler

this micro brew stuff is getting out of hand…

Now that would make a nice gift

If the original question is pertaining to already carbonated beer (via sugar or force-CO2) then yes I have kept growlers capped and carbed for over a month and have not gone flat. I also use plumbers tape just to be safe.

If the question was whether or not to put primed (but as yet uncarbed) beer into the growler, I believe growlers are not made to handle the pressure of the secondary ferment and are likely to explode.

just a note that I’ve been bottling in my growlers now for the last 3 mo. Tight squeeze the caps on and they carb up and taste as great as any from the EZ-cap 33oz I was doing before.

I was warned against it, did it anyway and so far, I’m glad to bottle 10 growlers rather than 18-48 bottles.