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Growler lost its carb

Hi All,
I gave a buddy a growler the other day of an APA I made. It was all bottled in bombers so I opened 3 and filled the growler, figuring the growler would be easier to reclaim than the latter. It took about 20 min total to load the growler b/c of the excellent carbed bombers. I filled it just up to where the neck starts. Anyway my bud said the the growler top burst open upon his initial pour and the first pint was heady and carbed. He said the subsequent pours that evening were almost no head and far less carb. So, I’m thinking I might have left too much headspace in the growler and all the carbonation blew out upon opening and pouring the first pint? Thoughts?

FWIW everytime ive had a growler filled it was to the tip top …

I would rather loose 3 bombers than 1 growler. :wink:

When you transferred it to the growler you lost some CO2. As it sat in the growler, CO2 cam out of suspension and filled the headspace you left. When he poured the 1st glass, CO2 was lost. Then, CO2 came out of suspension and filled the new headspace.

Depending on the time between pours, it could have lost a lot of suspended CO2

Both comments make perfect sense. Thanks fellas. Btw; I work with this guy and he’s a bud. The worst thing he could do is cut off his home brew supply by NOT returning my bottles. Like a library book but with stiffer penalties…

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