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Ground coffee beans vs. French pressed in stout

Anyone have experience with ground coffee beans in a stout vs. French pressed coffee. I wanted to make a chocolate coffee stout and wanted to know which one made for a better flavor profile. Any info will help!

I brewed NB’s brunch stout, which calls for coarsely ground coffee(4 oz in 5 gallons) at flameout. Gave a nice, smooth coffee taste, not in your face, just subtle. I really like it. I guess if you went the brewed method you might could add at bottling and zero in easier on the impact you’re looking for. Never done that though.



I’ve done both, grounds and a strong brewed pot during secondary. I’d have to say both methods worked well but it’s a matter of getting your proportions right. For my most recent brew I added the 12T recommended for a pot of coffee. The flavor and aroma during primary made me think I had waaaaay overdone it. By the time it finished, however I had only slightly overdone it. Adding brewed coffee at bottling time would probably be the best way to ensure you get the flavor you want.


Have to watch out for oil from the beans and coffee. Use the grounds not the coffee due to the oil. Steep the grounds. I think the French press might be bitter due to fine grid of the coffee.

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