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Grits (again)

I’ve read many posts with great advice on using grits. So here’s a yes or no type Q. Can I take 20% of my grist weight in grits and par boil them in some mash water, let em cool to strike temp and incorporate them into my mash with a good amount of success?

After tasting my buddy’s Speckled Hef this weekend, I’m trying to create a recipe close to it but using what I have on hand. I’m reading that grits over flaked corn is possible. Please toss me something if you’s got’s something. Thanks, Mike

Yes, you can use regular grits in that manner. Frankly, I use Quick grits and toss them straight in with the rest of the grain and mash-in. Works great with complete conversion.

‘Quick’ grits are a much better solution, one which totally eliminates the added pre-cooking step that is necessary with ‘regular’ grits.
On occasion, I have also substituted the grits with corn ‘poha’, a kind of flaked corn sold in Indian/Pakistani grocery stores (of which there are an abundance here in central NJ). As with the ‘quick’ grits, there is no need for the precook.

Thanks Fellas,
Will there be that sweet corn flavor I’m shooting for?

I have hit all my numbers just tossing regular grits into the mash. Even when they make up 25% of the grain bill.

[quote=“Steppedonapoptop”]Thanks Fellas,
Will there be that sweet corn flavor I’m shooting for?[/quote]
Yep, just don’t overdo it.

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