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Green Tint

This is my first batch of beer. When it was in the primary fermentation it was looking good. Now a week after transfer to secondary it has a dark green tint to it. Is it suppose to be like that???
It is Caribou Slobber with dry yeast
Thank you for your help

Is it possible that your secondary carboy has a slight green tint in the glass?

The beer itself has no business being green. Any chance you stirred up some pellet hop residue? Only other thing I can think of is mold, although that would tend to cling to the surface.

Pull out a sample with a (sanitized) thief and see if it looks/smells okay. Pictures would help.

Edit: I’ll also add that its not unusual for the apparent color of the beer to change as the yeast starts to drop out. Although again, green should not be happening.

Are there any dry hops in there? If so, it sounds like you’re just seeing suspended hop junk.

I would say that your eyes are playing tricks on you and it will be fine when its in the glass.

I suggest you wait another week, then transfer to a corny keg and drop it off at my house for proper disposal following strict hazmat guidelines.

Thank you all. just took a sample out and it looks and smells like beer. i also used a normal flashlight instead of a led light and it looks normal.

When I started last year my eyes, ears and all other senses seemed to play tricks on me, causing me to stress every tiny detail.

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