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Green head?

For some reason I got to thinking about green beer the other day. Never been a fan of it. Don’t think it looks appetizing mainly and I have seen peoples teeth be green the whole next day. However I might be interested in doing a dry stout next year for a St. patty’s party and was wondering if I were to dye the flaked barely green would it carry over into the color of the head? There is a big St. Patty’s party my brother always invites me to. There’s usually a couple cases of Guinness for car bombs and everything else. People would love it if I brought a keg and the head came out green. I would like to achieve this someway without just putting dye in the keg. I could also see my mash tun cooler turning green and affecting the appearance of my light colored beers? Just a topic I would like some story’s on for next years festivities.

SNPA Clone + 2 drops green food coloring per pint =

[attachment=0]Green Beer.JPG[/attachment]

No green tounges or teeth resulted from drinking this beer.

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