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Green Flash Rayon Vert

This is FANTASTIC. Nothing like what I expected from the label. “Belgian Pale Ale”… I was expecting Palm and others mentioned by the BJCP
. Instead I got Orval like I haven’t tasted it in years. Perfect and very lively carbonation, DRY DRY DRY, and a delicous and very not subtle amount of Bret. Well worth the $3 for a single 12oz bottle.

nice! I’ll keep an eye out!

Yeah, that looks pretty awesome.

Drank one last night. Very good beer :cheers:

I also thought this was great, mine was WAY overcarbed though. Maybe it was just the batch, I’ll try it again though.

Very good beer, i found it a little too bitter for my liking, but it most certainly was like Orval was given up for adoption and raised by surfers in san diego.

I had this beer at the brewery a few months back. I have to say that it is one of my favorite BPA’s. It did make me wonder if a BPA should have Bret in it or not. I’m not exactly familiar with the guidlines. Excellent beer though, for sure.

I completely agree. Rayon Vert is a fantastic beer. It’s hands down my favorite GF beer. I would love to try their Saison Diego, but I’ve never seen it in my market.

Yeah, that I agree with. A bit too bitter. Other than that, it was perfect. Definitely not too bitter for me to not enjoy it again.

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