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Green beer but it's not St. Patrick's day

I’m a newbie. I just finished my second all grain batch. This batch is called Murphys beers . If it could go wrong it did. I boiled water to chill in the freezer but realized that the container was too large. I sanitized a different container to make it fit. While adding grains to muslin sack, it spilled all over the counter. I kept forgetting to take needs outside so I was constantly going in and out…hops, Irish moss, yeast nutrients, etc. When I was nearing the end of the boil, I hydrated the yeast. When I reached for plastic to cover the vessel I spilled the yeast. My wife helped me salvage the remaining yeast and I added some extra yeast from a previous batch. The boil finished and I brought the wort inside to cool. I used an ice bath in the sink. The temperature got down to 120 and stopped cooling. I removed the lid and stirred, added more ice but it wouldn’t go below 115. Then I realized the thermometer was stuck (electronic). By this time the wort was actually down to 65. I pitched the yeast anyway. Six hours later I had bubbles…a lot of action. The wort is very hazy. This morning (12 hours) I notice that the yeast has settled but wort is still hazy and the foam on top is green. It looks like hops but the dry hops are in a muslin sack. What should I do…toss it or let it ride out the next 2 weeks?

It sounds like you had a somewhat hectic and unorganized brew day but nothing you mention makes me think you won’t get beer. Quite likely decent beer or at least close to what the original recipe intended as long as your sanitation was good.

You pitched at pretty much the perfect temp. I usually pitch ales around 61-63 when I can.

The wort is hazy because your yeast are having a big party in it. Eating and procreating and making beer.

The krauesen is green because of hop matter. You mention dry hops in muslin. Muslin won’t contain fine hops particles. Dry hopping really shouldn’t begin until fermentation has ended. Usually 7-10 days is about the earliest you should dry hop. At this point there’s some alcohol in the beer and it’s safe to drop in the bag of hops.

There’s a very minor chance you could get an infection from the hops sack but I’d let it ride for a couple weeks. I’ll bet you get a decent beer for your patience.

Nobody got hurt and you got it into the fermentor. It was a good day. Just don’t spill it when your drinking if, now that would be bad.

I have to agree- don’t toss this puppy.
Here’s an acronym that you may not have seen yet- RDWHAHB
Relax, Don’t Worry, Have a Homebrew(Papa Pappazian)
We can make a lot of mistakes , but the yeast will cover our rearends, and produce good, even great beer.

I remember handling my first batch like it was radioactive material.

Another development. After about 60 hours there is no activity. The green is settling but everything is still hazy. It’s hard to leave it alone but it is going to be a long 2 weeks. Any tips? I’m thinking about adding more yeast and maybe doing a secondary fermentation.

I have a tip for you…what Jim said above…RDWHAHB.

Seriously, it’s probably just fine. What was the temperature for the last couple days? Krauesen falls on most of my ales after 3-5 days fermenting in low 60s. If it was warmer it will appear to finish up even sooner. Just because you don’t see bubbles in the airlock doesn’t mean your yeast aren’t busy in there. Let them work. You’ll have beer when they’re done.

Give it 10 days then take a gravity reading.

Well the day is here…I’m pulling the plug. I kept it warm (about 72°F). It was covered to avoid light. I uncovered it last night and realized I should have tossed it earlier. It has grown a white skin with mucous looking undergrowth. I was going to share a picture but they are a little unsettling and not for the squeamish or weak of heart. So it’s off to Poplar Creek Brewing for more supplies. I’ll try my Saison again.

That sounds like a pellicle from bacterial infection. You should really review all you sanitization processes.

What sanitizer do you use? Starsan?

Remember everything that touches your wort after the boil has got to be sanitized. Did you sanitize the spoon you used to stir when cooling? Did you sanitize the muslin bag for DH?

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