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Green Apple

How can I remove the “green apple” smell and taste from my “caribou slobber”? It was fermented at 65-66* has been in the primary for 3+weeks and went from 1.060 to 1.010. Never had a problem with sanitation.

I opened the fermentor and smelled a little cidery but tastes and smells like green apple. Anything I can do?

What you can do, is bottle it and wait 3 weeks. What you basically have there is a young beer that needs to finish the whole brewing process. If this is your first batch, you can try one after a week in the bottle. That green apple smell will still be there. However, after 2, and definitely after 3, it should be gone. I recommend storing the bottles somewhere between 65-70*F, closer to 70 is better, and this should be enough time for the beer to get good.


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