Great Western

Who uses Great Western Malt? How does it compare to Rahr? I am thinking about trying a sack of the pale malt.

I love it. If I could get a decent supply of it, I’d use it over Rahr. I definitely don’t like Bries. GWM just seems to give the beer a little more flavor and better color. Personally, I don’t like a pale straw color, reminiscent of bud light. I was getting that with some of my lighter beers. They were also lacking in flavor. I switched grain and kept the rest of the recipe the same and the beer was a lot better.

I’m picking a sack up in a week or so.

I very slightly prefer Rahr, but I buy and use both depending on what’s available. GW is great malt.

Thanks guys. I may have to try a sack.

I’ve had really good luck with it as well.

I use the 2-row, haven’t try the pale malt. I’ve heard Rahr is also good (Denny ^^).

I just finished up a sack. It is great base malt. and it was cheaper that Rahr. I’d get it again.

Does that include their non base malts.

Does that include their non base malts.[/quote]