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Great efficiency from new Monster Mill... advice needed

Using the grinder at my LHBS, I was getting 72% efficiency with my setup. I bought the Monster Mill 3 and let her eat at factory settings… crush looked great! Taking readings during the day my 1.055 OG beer will be a 1.067 OG. Efficiency shot up to 88%. Good news, except I only made a 1.5 liter starter, and need around another 100 billion cells. So the question is:
Do I pitch my current starter and let it ride?
Do I pitch my current starter, then pitch a fresh Wyeast Belgian Ardennes smackpack with no starter on top of it a day or two from now when I can get my hands on it during active fermentation?
I know, relax and have a homebrew… I can assure you I’m doing that already! :cheers:

Belgian yeasts are pretty voracious, I think you will be ok pitching your starter.

Excellent, thank you.

I have also found that Mr. Malty is very conservative when it comes to suggested pitch rates. I’m not proposing that you intentionally under-pitch but sometimes that calc calls for a boatload of yeast.

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