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Great Divide

Great Divide, in nearby Denver, makes some of the best Belgian and IPA I’ve ever tasted from a commercial brewer.
Titan IPA, and Hades Belgian come highly recommended. Pick up a sampler pack if you want some variety from which to choose your favorite.posting.php?mode=post&f=20#

Divide makes a real good Double IPA called Hercules. Tasty stuff.

This is my new favorite. The Hercules IPA is great. so is the Wild Rasberry Ale and the Yeti Imperial Stout. The samurai is excellent also.

Do you know if the IPA uses hercules hops?

Just tried the Yeti - I was reluctant, as while I respect Stouts for the craft in brewing them, I typically do not like the burnt/bitter flavor of dark roasted malt. Yeti is the bomb! Debittered? Or else some other process that imparts dark, chewy flavor with no bitterness whatsoever. It’s a really good stout, and a fine beer. But Hades is still my fave of Great Divide (and the Titan is certainly worth drinking as well).

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