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Great American Brewfestival SOLD OUT!

WHYYYYYYYYYY??? Apparently it sold out in 45 mins. I was really, really looking forward to going to this since I was going to be in Denver for a wedding around that time. Anyone know a guy? :lol:

Okay well the least you can do is report back after.

If your going to be in Denver while the festival is going on you could check Craig’s List, or maybe ebay. Seems like there’s always people who get tickets and then can’t go, so they’re looking to unload 'em.

It’s amazing how fast the best beer fests are selling out. Here in MN, the MN Brewers Guild events sell out in seconds. Now granted they are much smaller than GABF. For Winterfest I put a meeting reminder on my work calendar, sit at my desk, and keep hitting F9 on the website a few minutes beforehand. As soon as it goes live, I’m in, and I have been lucky to attend the last two Winterfests.

I wish there was a better solution to the demand, but let’s look at the bright side and realize this just shows how popular great beer has become. People keep talking about the craft movement stalling like it did in the 1990’s, but I don’t see that happening like it did then. Some will drop off as they just don’t make a quality product, but the good breweries (I’m hoping) are here to stay.

Sorry for your luck. Makes think I better start planning for next year as it’s my 40th and we are planning to attend GABF to celebrate. It will be a bummer if I can’t get tickets. Also throws out the idea of organizing a large group as it might be impossible to get enough tickets to the good sessions (Thurs night and Sat afternoon). I hope something works out for you.

If you are an AHA member, they open the ticket sales ahead of time.

Good point. I was assuming this sold out from AHA members, which probabbly based on the numbers is technically impossible. Makes me feel better about my plans next year.

Yeah, haven’t committed to the AHA just yet. Planning on it with the aforementioned perks’n’all, but finances are tighter than I’d like these days. Can’t justify it to the Mrs.

Does your LHBS offer a discount? Northern Brewer offers a 10% discount for in store purchases (as does Midwest here in the Twin Cities), so it really brings the net cost down. Check with your LHBS to see if they do or would be willing to offer one.

To me the benefits are great, but I completely understand about money being tight and having to make decisions on the value of any purchase.

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