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Gravity went up?

Brewed a porter on Saturday, pitched OYL-015; Fermenter set to 65°F
Tilt measured OG @1.061

So yesterday it was still lagging, no krausen, no gravity change. So last night I impatiently bumped the temp up 1 degree to 66°F hoping to get the party started.

Now the Tilt is reporting 1.064 !!! It got higher?!

So is my beer infected?
lol j/k

So is this a calibration screw-up? Or an accuracy/precision problem with the Tilt.

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I don’t think gravity would go up from an infection.

Gravity readings are a bit higher at higher temps…
BUT… I suspect it’s just something that’s changing the tilt gizmo… Give it time.

Yea, that was just a joke… too subtle I guess.


I’d say it’s yer “gizmo”.


I agree. Stuck to the side of the fermenter in the krausen ring.

Was your OG sample from well mixed wort. Or did you just float the Tilt and go with it? Maybe your actual OG was 1.064.

Sorry. Now that I think about it, that is unlikely since we are talking wort into the fermenter which would not be stratified.

Never mind…

Beer is all grain, so no stratification, plus it was ~36 hours after pitching. But it was only 6-ish hours after bumping temp up. Also not stuck in krausen ring, because there was no krausen at that time.
The gravity drop has looked pretty standard since.

I’m seriously leaning towards mis-calibration as the cause.

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