Gravity Readings with a Refractomer

I am new to brewing and have been brewing 1 gallon extract batches since the beginning of the year. I am looking at ways to refine my technique before I move to 5 gallon batches, so this week I bought a refractometer so I can start measuring the gravity of my wort and get an estimate ABV. I have noticed that NB’s 5 gallon recipes have their OG posted, but the 1 gallon recipes don’t. I was wondering if the OG of the 1 gallon recipes will match their 5 gallon counterparts? Thanks for the help!

It should be the same.

You can do the math yourself too:

1# dry extract will have a gravity of 1.043 in a gallon of water, 1.036 for liquid extract. So if a recipe calls for 1.25# of DME your gravity would be around 1.054