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Gravity 1.090 now what

Posted earlier today with hop question and finished the boil. Cooled down and gavity was 1.090. Had wyeast on a stir plate all night and ready to pitch but will it be enough? I do have some safale-33 in the fridge should I toss that in?will it mess up the profile I am after?

trying to decyper the recipe, my take is you used 6lbs of Wheat DME, steeped some crystal and added some Maple syrup. what is the weight of 1qt, 3lbs?). I’m not coming up with 1.090 for a gravity with that, unless you have less than a 5g volume. Maybe in the 1.070 range.

How big of a starter do you have? Has it completely finish fermenting?

I would stay with the single yeast.

As a side note, the maple doesn’t need to be boiled. You can add it right at the end. The hot wort will pasteurize it (not that it is needed, other wise it would ferment in the bottle) and preserve the aroma.

6.3 lbs amber malt,1 lb light DME and a qt of maple…probably 2.5 lbs or so. Hopville came up with 1.060 and that was my target. The London III wyeast was on the stir plate for approx 13 hrs and looked healty so I pitched it and crossed my fingers. I dont want to pitch the safale 33 and will opt to get another London if need be. Never pitched that high a gravity.Any ides why I ended up with such high numbers?

Did you do a partial boil and add water afterwards?

Yes partai boil of 2.5 gals h2o
Wyeast claims the London III strain will handle 10 %
Maple was added 30 mins into boil.

I need to mention Hoppvile came up with 1.073 my mistake on entering the wrong info but 1.090 where did that come from?

Not to steal Denny’s thunder, but I think I know where he’s headed…if you do partial boil and then top up to 5-ish gal, I think there’s a very good chance that the topup water was not perfectly mixed/distributed and so while the sample you took may have had a accurate SG of 90, the beer itself is 1.070-74 on average.

Other possibilities:

-your volume measurements are way off
-your hydro is quite inaccurate
-or some combination of those 3 factors.

As far as your pitching rate, as your starter is at least 1-1.5 liters, you should be fine (unless 13 hours on a stirplate isn’t long enough to achieve maximum population growth…I wouldn’t know because I’m not a stirplate expert).

Long story short, you’re probably just fine.

Thanks for the input. Measurements we correct though and water was added before dumping the wort into a pail and I took a second reading. Same thing,no change.And yes the hydro was checked after the first reading and is dead on.

Doesn’t matter what order you added things. Unless you REALLY went out of your way to mix it (like with a MixStir) chances are very good that you have stratification and got a heavy gravity sample. Trust me, it happens all the time. It was the subject of my very first post to a beer forum 14 years and 412 batches ago. For that reason, with a partial boil extract batch it’s almost always easier and more accurate to calculate the OG than to measure it.

Not doubting you, but something strange is going on here. It’s simply not possible to get 1.090 out of the recipe you describe. Unless you got some crazy batch of super-concentrated extract or something :slight_smile: .

Anyway, if your gravity really were 1.090, you’d need ~2L of starter to get an ideal cellcount. Just out of curiosity, what is your starter volume?

Unfortunately 1L starter. I will ride this out and take a reading before racking and hope for the best.As for stratification that wcould be the culprit as the samples taken both looked busy. Meaning alot of extras floating around.Either way this will get consumed and move on to a stout for St. Patricks day. Thanks again for the help guys…

^don’t even worry about it. It’s gotta be stratification, so you’ll be perfectly fine.

Amber malt LME or Amber malt grain?

Beer tools with LME give an OG of 1.066. Amber grain shows a OG of 1.053 @ 75% efficiency.

I agree with the others that the sugars didn’t get mixed well to give an accurate reading. As the day goes by it will all mix together and the yeast will happily consume them and reward you with a fabulous product!

amber lme
light bavarian wheat dme
maple syrup
crystal 80L

I have the list on hoppeville under mumblow maple ale

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