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Grasshoppers on Hops

I apologize for asking a question that has likely been answered other places on the internet… but combining “grasshopper” and “hop” in a google search yields unsurprisingly mixed results… :shock:

I have 6 hop plants on the south side of my house, and in the last month(s) of their first year a group of grasshoppers have discovered them and are enjoying munching on the leaves. They didn’t inhibit the vines from yielding cones this year, but I’m concerned that next year the grasshoppers will be more aggressive.

In a separate area of my northern yard I have a bird feeder, nearby our vegetable gardens, and that has worked very well to keep any crawly annoyances from destroying the tomatoes. I’m thinking about employing the same tactic of bringing birds around the hop vines. There are a couple of structures for the birds to land on and stay safe on - but I imagine that the vines might be intimidating to the birds? Does anyone have experience with attracting birds around your hops to keep bugs in check?

Many years, the birds end up making nests in my hops. Maybe it’s because I use tall, slender trees as poles to grow the hops on but there’s usually a nest amongst the vines when I take the poles down to harvest the hops. I’m sure Ma Nature will take care of things as hops are pretty forgiving when it comes to losing a leaf or two from hungry bugs. Good that you’re thinking forward though!

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