Grand River Brewing Co. (Ontario)

I know most of you won’t be gettin up to the North Country very often but you never know.

Grand River is a brewery from Cambridge Ontario and now have a few beers available in our province run socialist liquor store (the LCBO). One thing that drew me to them was that they were all fairly low gravity - 4.5%.

Plaughman’s ale - one problem is they all have interesting names, but no description on the bottle of what they are. From tasting this, I imagine it is a, attempt at a best bitter. A little rough around the edges, but good enough for me to try the others.

Old Ale - Should have stopped at the first one. This one is !@#*ing gross. I didn’t realize that old ale meant something that tastes like I fermented it in my attick in the middle of August. So many off flavors I don’t know where to begin. dumped half the pint. Brutal.

Pugnacious Pale Ale - I still think there was an estery backbone here, but at least the aromatics of the north American Hops does a decent job of smoothing it out. I’m definately not a hop head, but in this case - and especially because I had just dumped the Old ale - the pungent hop notes were very refreshing for my pallet.

On the whole with the aprox. $3 a pint price tag, NO DICE!