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Grain sitting around, any thoughts

I have this left over from various brews thinking about using some of it up… on something… any ideas

4.5 lbs Pale
3.5 lbs wheat
1.5 lbs Dark German Munich
12.4 oz. Cara 20
12.8 oz. Cara 45
12.7 oz. Aromatic
4.9 oz. Caramel 80
12.8 oz. Carafa type III
13.0 oz. De-bittered Belgian
14.8 oz. Special B
8.6 oz. Black Patent
.9 oz. Chocolate

5.5 oz. Cascade
1 lb Amber Belgian candi sugar

London ESB
Weihenstephan Wheat
Belgian Ardennes XL

I kinda have an idea or two, but was wondering what others may come up with

my first thought is a dark wheat.


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