Grain shelf life question

Morning all,

I had planned to brew today but spent most of night fighting some sort of bug.

I bought my grain and had it crushed on friday. It is in a plastic bag in the fridge right now. If I dont feel up to brewing later this afternoon, is it OK to put it off til next weekend?

Generally, will the grain be ok sitting around until next week?

This is my first all grain batch, and it hasnt started too good. I thought my brother had a big 7.5 gallong pot but it appears to have gone awol so now I either have to split the wort or wait til I get a larger pot.

I have a 5.5 gal and a 2 gal pot on hand.

any advise?

In the past I ordered 4 kits from NB and had them crush the grain. The last batch was brewed 4-5 months later.

Your fine.

Thanks Nighthawk!

As it turns out, my day wasnt going that smoothly and I decided to postpone brewday and regroup.

After making a few calls and not finding a larger pot, I went searching online and got an 8 gal pot and lid.

Supposed to ship today and hopefully will be here before next weekend.

The gain doesn’t need to be in the fridge. You want a cool, dry place. I’d be afraid it could pick up moisture in the fridge.

It will be fine for months in a sealed container. It’s not perishable, so no need for refrigeration.

Thanks Guys!

That will please the little woman! 11lbs of grain in the fridge takes up some space!

I picked up a couple 5 gal food grade buckets from Lowes so I’ll put it in that and move to the cool mudroom closet.

Some other options for buckets:

Asian restaurants. Soy Sauce buckets. I have some that do not smell after cleaning.

Donut shop. Jelly filling come in large pails.

Gas stations that have a bakery.

Grocery store kitchens.

Some of these places will give you pails. Others may charge you $1-2.

The 5-gallon paint buckets with o-ring lids are cheap enough at Home Depot and similar places that I would never suggest using used ones that previously contained food, even if they were odor-free. You probably spend more in chemicals to get them clean in some cases than the new ones cost, not to mention wasted time. :slight_smile:

I used a little Dawn dish soap and a soft cloth to clean the buckets. Same process I would use on a pail from HD/Lowes/ACE before putting grain in them.