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Grain Milling?

Good Morning!
I’ll be brewing a wit (BIAB) soon and have a couple questions about milling. Bought the Barley Crusher and set it to .032. The bill has about 5.5 lb 2row, 4.5 lb white wheat, and 12 oz. flaked oat. Should i run it all through, or skip the oat? Also, would it help to spray some water on it first to condition? The mash is 90 min @ 148 with a 10 min mashout @ 168. Thanks guys!

don’t crush the flaked oats.

i’m not sure if it would help much to spray the oats (if that’s what you’re asking), but it probably wouldn’t hurt. i’m sure there are mucho threads about rehydrating out there. i’ve always just added flaked grains to my mix on top (i use a mash tun), but if you’re BIABing it won’t matter much at all, as long as you’ve got enough room in the bag. the flaked f’ers expand a whole lot.

You should start out by crushing your malt dry first. My Barley Crusher is set at .032 and I do not hydrate and I do not have crush issues and my all-grain mash efficiencies are very good. Your flaked barley has been processed and should not be crushed.

Good luck

(Edit due to oats not barley)

Sorry but either flaked barley or oats neither needs crushed.

You might want to double grind the white wheat first as it very hard and double crushing will insure that it gets crushed properly other than that what they said I agree.

Thanks guys,
I’ll leave the oats be, double crush the wheat, and crush the 2 row as is. I’ll let you know how it all turns out! Later! :cheers:

I would add that you don’t want to condition flaked grains, then mill. Makes a sticky mess. :oops:

Got it. Thanks!

I mill the flaked grains. It’s likely that they will skip right past the rollers. But when mixed with the rest of the grain they may break apart a little.

The is no need to mill them. But if you do, you will know that you have them in the mix and not forget they are still in the bag.

I don’t “condition” my grain either. But I’m a KISS brewer.

[quote=“baileyjoe”]don’t crush the flaked oats.

i’m not sure if it would help much to spray the oats …[/quote]

Oh man, don’t mill your flaked ingredients, and definitely don’t condition them (i.e. spray them with water) and then mill them. I did that once, and it was a total gummy oatmeal disaster in my mill.

If you condition with water, use 3-4 fluid ounces per 8-10 lbs, sprayed evenly throughout. It doesn’t need to be an exact measurement, but you can overdo it with the water. I can tell you about that, too, perhaps later…

Thanks for the great info! I’m going to break in the virgin BC this weekend with 2 batches. I won’t bother to condition anything in the wit we talked about. Probably double crush the wheat as Chuck stated. The second batch is a Rye pale i came up with using Beersmith. Using a lb. of rye(for a 3.5 gal. batch) which seems really hard. Should that be double crushed or conditioned? New to this and very anxious! Thanks. :mrgreen:

dont mill anything flaked, or rice hulls, or anything like that your gonna gum up your mill

Personally, I condition and mill (double crush) any malted or roasted grains. Barley, wheat, or rye. You can run flaked grains through your mill to mix, but don’t
condition. There is a variety of techniques, you’ll figure out what works for you.

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