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Grain Mill?

This year im getting into AG brewing and was wondering if 130+ is really what Im going to end up spending on a grain mill? Are there any other cheaper alternatives out there? That seems like a bunch of money

You can get a Corona mill for a lot less ($30?). Its a plate grinder and doesn’t work quite as well as a roller mill but it does do the job. You want to put a couple of washers behind the wingnuts to get a consistent gap between the moving and stationary plate. Look on ebay, they sell new and used ones all the time.

I used a Corona for a few years and finally dropped the cash on a roller mill. I can’t say its improved my beer significantly but it is easier to use.

Yes, you will spend that much on a mill…and it’s worth every penny! A good grain mill is a great piece of equipment to have in your brewing arsenal. You will thank yourself for it later.

yeah - get a good one to start with. Something I have gradually learned over the time I have brewed - just buy the good one (of whatever it is) first. It is ultimately cheaper than buying the cheap one, then a decent one, and finally the good one.

+1 If you spend the money now you wont regret it and the mill will last forever.

Adventures in Homebrewing sells the Cereal Killer mill for $89

. It looks like a knock off of the Barley Crusher.

Go with a corona mill - I’ve used one for three years - does the job, no maintenance issues. These mills have a reputation of producing a crush that introduces extra tannins into your wort, but that hasnt been my experience after 20+ batches of pilsner.

I am very happy with my MaltMill.
If you don’t mind making a couple parts I would recommend the Model BBAA. I use an inverted 5 gallon plastic water bottle as the hopper.


If you have a sizable Hispanic community near you, check the Hispanic stores. They usually have a Corona type grinder for a lot less than you will find online w/shipping.

I had a Corona for years and did just fine with it but nothing works better than my JSP Malt Mill Model P. I got it used for $40 and a 12-pack of homebrew. Then I put a little work into it to motorize it. My grain bills vary between 40-75 pounds so the mill is very important. Here is a short video I took yesterday during a brew session where I used 50 pounds (2 buckets)

MullerBrau motorized JSP Maltmill in action

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