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Grain mill question?

Hello I have the Hullwrecker grain mill. An my question is about the two eye/thumb bolts that you loosen or tighten to lock in your gap setting’s how tight does one want to tighten it. I just hand tighten my I hope that’s all is needed. This is my first grain mill I ever own. Here a pic of what I am talking about…

I have no experience with that mill, but I have a Monster Mill with 3 rollers. I set my gap with a feeler gauge based on feedback from here (.032 if I remember right, it’s been over a year since I checked it). It also has two hand screws to maintain the gap and I hand tightened them. I check them to ensure they’re in place every time I use it and I’ve never had an issue. I get around 80% efficiency.


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I would hand tighten them and check them every year or so. Better than over tightening and breaking them.

Me hand tight the fly nuts. Seems fine do check evertime before milling. Me use feeling gauge. To set my gap

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