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Grain going bad? Grain lifespan?

I’ve been away from brewing for roughly 18 months, which means I have a tub of base Maris Otter in my basement in a Rubbermaid sealed tub. How long can base grain sit before going bad? If it has gone bad will I know from taste and/or smell?

Assuming it is unmilled, youre probably fine. Taste it, chew some barley and if it tastes fine use it. base grains are felt to not age quite as well as highly kilned(crystal) malts. Some folks store grain under proper conditions for 2 years or more.

If the tub is “air-tight” it should be just as good as the day you sealed it up.

As long as it’s not moldy or mildewed it’s probaby good. Air is one thing but moisture is for sure not your friend when storing grains.

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