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Grain Bill for IPA

I was thinking about a grain bill of 90 percent 2 row 4 percent Vienna malt 4 percent Wheat and 2 percent Crystal 60. Any thoughts or suggestions. Thanks

only issue is that it doesn’t add up to 100%

If this is what you meant. It will be pretty light, but i’m sure it will work and be good

90% 2-row
4% vienna
4% wheat
2% C60

remember wheat, and Vienna are both considered base malts

Yes thats what I meant. I like to add a little vienna for some toasty notes, and the wheat I was thinking head retention.

If it were me, I’d drop the wheat malt entirely unless you’re going for more of a hoppy wheat beer with some sort of wheat beer yeast.

I don’t use vienna enough to give any sort of assessment on it.

You won’t get a whole lot of character from 4% wheat. Might help head retention slightly, but I doubt anyone would be able to taste the wheat - it certainly wouldn’t taste like a wheat beer. It can’t hurt IMO

Vienna is great, but 4% is pretty low. Like I said, I’m sure you grainbill will be good, but with 98% base malt (2-row, wheat, Vienna) it will be light. Which may or may not be what you’re going for. I say go for it, and adjust next time

I would have to say that both the Vienna malt and the C60 are being used in way too small a quantity to have any real discernable flavor impact,especially the C60.I wouldn’t be afraid to bump the quantity of Vienna malt way up to something like 20 or 30 percent,or else it’s just not likely to be very noticeable.As far as the caramel malt goes,it’s not really necessary in an IPA at all,but if you’re going to use it,I’d probably use a lighter shade ( Weyermann CaraHell is my personal favorite caramel malt for pale ales;it’s really light-something like 10 degrees L,but adds a ton of maltiness),but don’t use a ton of it.5 to 8 percent should be plenty,depending on your mash schedule and yeast of choice.I hope that gives you some useful info.

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