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Graff / Cider

Hey folks I just kinda winged it yesterday with a graff/ cider experiment I would love some thoughts. I will post the recipe below with in a link. I used cane sugar b/c the brew calculator would not accept fresh cider it had an OG of 1.046, I had found an internet sub, for the PPG with cane sugar so it seemed reasonable.
Any and all thoughts are welcome. ... 6929/graff

Thanks-Frenchy :cheers:

While I haven’t brewed a batch of graf yet, I understood it to be more of a dark beer. Yours looks like it will turn out pretty light. Either way, it’s worth a shot. I bet it’ll be good. I’m really intrigued with the whole graf idea. Let us know how it comes out for you.

Ya, this is going to be more amber than dark. Same concept, just attempting to use up some left over ingredients. I will let ya know how it goes as I am pretty excited about this little project. :cheers:

Update: I bottled this gem on the 26th of December (ish), Final Gravity was 1.016 at bottling. So roughly 7.88% abv. Not much head to speak of after being in the bottle for 20 +/- days. ok carbonation. Very smooth on the pallet, and finished rather sweet. Very detectable apple notes.

The color turned out to be a nice amber.


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