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Gott in Himmel!

I modified an Altbier recipe (making a super-DUPER Alt), and must say, I have outdone myself. First bottle opened was not terribly impressed, found myself hoping it would age into drinkability. Second bottle, after 1 week in the fridge, and I thought “well, this is drinkable while I wait for the next beer to age.”
Just opened a third bottle last night, after nearly 2 weeks refrigerating, and may I say this is the best beer I’ve ever brewed? While the Scotch ale that got lost in my basement aging for year was quite good, this beer was fantastic.
I used almost entirely Munich malt, with a little caramunich grain, then added more Munich. Then, later in the boil, I added more Munich syrup. Just enough hops for flavor, Perle and Hersbrucker, certainly not enough for a hophead to be happy with, but balances the thick Munich well. 2-stage starter for the German Ale yeast. Primary for 10 days, carboy for 2 weeks, bottle-conditioned for 2 weeks, then refrigerated for 2 weeks.
Thank you NB for making anyone capable of brewing this well.
(this was only my second modified recipe, and I hope for many more successes like this as my technique evolves).

Isn’t that awesome? I think with beer there is a longer, more anticipated payoff. With smoking meat or baking bread, you know in a day at least. With beer, you wait about a month, less if you force carb.

When my beer matures, I have this great experience of enjoying it. (Especially when I set my expectations very low when I first taste it as a green beer)

Would you share the recipe you used? Prost! ... nd-altbier

not sure if this link will work, but it’s easier than writing it all out.
Mostly just Munich malt syrup, started with NB’s Altbier recipe and just went heavier.

I wish I could stash it all and wait another 3-6 months, I bet it would be twice as good then.
The next two and the one before all need at least that many months to be done.

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