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Got a Lager but cannot Lager!

Someone bought me the Oktoberfest extract kit as a gift, I am not able to Lager. Any recommendations on what I can still do with this kit? Would like to use what I can out of it, but I am not sure what to do.

– 1 lbs Weyermann Caramunich II
– 2 lbs Pilsen dry malt extract (60 min)
– 6 lbs Amber malt syrup late addition (15 min)
– 1 oz German Tradition (60 min)
– Dry yeast (default): Saflager W/34–70. Optimum
temperature: 48–59°F

What would happen if I just change the yeast?

Then you’d have a Pseud-Ofest! I’ve done it many times. Use either US05 for dry or WY1007 for liquid. Ferment as cold as you can and cold condition after fermentation. You’ll be happy.

Thanks, I was hoping it would be something easy.

I have brewed a few batches like that as well, with good results. Try to cold crash it or let it age for a while to help it clean up after fermentation.


I prefer the term “Mock-toberfest” :cheers:

Keep your primary temperatures low and you will have a wonderful beer.

I made a dunkel this summer with the w34-70 yeast. I used a swamp cooler with frozen milk jugs and kept the fermentation between 50-52F. Once fermentation started to slow down I took the carboy out of the water and did a diacetyl rest and secondary at basement temps.

Nobody I have shared the beer with can tell it wasn’t lagered in the traditional way. Nobody. :cheers:

I got a lager kit earlier this year and was able to ferment it in my basement in the mid 50’s in January or February. I left it in the fermenter for about 4 weeks if I remember, then bottled and conditioned at room temp. It took a month or two for the flavors to smooth out, and after that it was a great Pilsener. That conditioning time seemed to be noticeably longer than for ales.

Not sure if you would hold that kit until the seasons change and somewhere in your house would be the right place to do a lager? I like the idea of using an Ale yeast. There was a BrewingTV episode where they made mock-lagers with good results.

I do not think I can maintain the constant low temp, even in the 50’s. No basements here in Oklahoma. Even in the winter it will be 30 here one day and 80 the next! I think I will just change the yeast and hope for the best. I have not a bad beer yet! :cheers:

Do you have access to a mini fridge? Can you borrow one or buy one used? You can get one to fit a 5 gallon pail or carboy easily and have a nice lagering temp.

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