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Good recipe to brew for the beach

Planning on a beach trip in September and want to take some homebrew with. I cant decide on a kit though…Any recommendations???

Where I live, a beach trip in September calls for a Winter Warmer. If you are expecting sun and warm weather, maybe the Wit or a blond ale? Sometimes a pale ale can work very well with hot weather - especially if you’re a hop head.

Cream ale will please everyone. Dead Ringer for those that can handle some hops.

When people think of beach weather beers they usually think of something light, but I don’t really find that necessary. I generally think that you should drink whatever beer you like at any time. If anything, I would say that the divide is more sweet/dry. How about a nice dry stout?

Of course you have to please your guests and they may not agree :slight_smile: . In that case, I always like a good wit.

Try the centennial blonde from home brew . I recently made it (albeit better and hoppier) but the base recipe seems promising.

Good recommendations… I think I’m going to with either the honey weizen extract or the witness extract kit. Haven’t made the jump to all grain yet, still messing with extract kits.

I live in Rio, so I think I’ve got the upper hand here… :wink:

As mentioned above, a Wit or a Weizen are great options. But if you are into Lagers, a Bohemian Pilsener would be my choice.

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