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Maybe the effects of the craft beer movement are finally being felt. Not that the “big boys” are going to go belly up any time soon but just good to see people are expanding their tastes.

Those 9 beers listed are great…for simmering bratwursts.

Oh god, they’re all gross. I can only drink them after I anesthetize my taste buds with some scotch

Uugh. Why would you ruin your fine bratwurst with THAT!!?

Michelob (not light) is actually a pretty solid beer for what it is. I would buy it on occasion - if I could ever find it. Seems like stores near me don’t carry it any more.

I’m not surprised to see Michelob (and that category in general) declining though. Why pay more for a “premium” mass produced american lager, when you can get real craft beer for about the same price? Still, its kinda a shame to see a product decline because its BETTER than its brand mates, rather than the opposite.

[quote=“Tullybrook”]Uugh. Why would you ruin your fine bratwurst with THAT!!?
:stuck_out_tongue: [/quote]

Coors bratwurst that doesn’t deserve any better? :roll:

I like how millercoors described Milwaukee’s Best as being “brewed for a man’s taste,” and is “highly drinkable" Nothing screams “highly drinkable” more than waking up with a bunch of empty Milwaukee’s beast cans everywhere with a skull spliting headache. College days …man those were some awesome times !! :cheers:

Funny, I think the last time I drank a Milwaukee’s Best was before the first time I voted.

[quote=“Nate42”]Michelob (not light) is actually a pretty solid beer for what it is. I would buy it on occasion - if I could ever find it…

A big +1. Regular Michelob is a solid, well made, all-malt lager.
It doesn’t get the respect it deserves partly because it is not an assault on the tastebuds like so many beers today are (thanks to jaded palates. LOL), and especially because of the prejudice against it being the product of a mega company.

Don’t get me wrong–I think that AB-InBev turns out it’s share of crap. But Michelob is definitely not part of their crapfest.
Truth is, there are times when I’d choose it over some small brewery products (especially in the “lager” category).

What about Beast Light being in the “Near Premium” category!!!

I would like to chime in on this one… i was a big Michelob fan until they switched from the conical style bottle to the traditional long neck pry-off. The beer was just not the same after that… by my memory this happened sometime in 2010, as noted in the article 20% sales decrease

Beast Light was rated somewhere as the best value beer in America! Ie you are getting THIS much ‘taste value’ for this many dollars, and Beast Light was tops! I need to pour one in my tulip glass and give it a full eval!

Mich and Mich Light are great beers IMHO. I would say Mich Light is my favorite Lite beer, maaaaaybe second to Sam lite or Yueng lite. Great list btw. My buddy who works in wine branding asking me how i was so behind the times that I was reading and sharing this list today. I responded by asking him how much of his workday is comprised of mindlessly surfing the internet.

Yup, growing up the “cool neighbor guy” drank Michelob. I still remember him wandering over to shoot the Shtuff with my old man. He was always carrying one of those funny brown bottles with the gold label.

Just recently I was walking through the liquor spot and thought to myself, “man, I haven’t had a Michelob in years, maybe I should grab a six for old times sake”. And sadly, when I found the sixer, it wasn’t in the familiar funny brown bottle with the gold label.

I didn’t buy.