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Good news/ bad news

The remote digital thermometer I was using was garbage one batch I thought I pitched the yeast to hot but it was just a bad reading turned out the temp was good. Second batch I missed my mash and sparge temps, not good. What type do you guys use?

I use a glass lab thermo. If you don’t mind dropping a $100 get a Thermapen

Little rich for my blood

[quote=“Glug Master”]If you don’t mind dropping a $100 get a Thermapen


It is pricey but very fast readout and very accurate. I also use it for cooking. I’ve had mine for years. :cheers:

I use a floating glass thermometer that costs about $15 and is very sturdy. I also have a digital unit that I got at a grocery store for the same price. It gives a pretty quick reading, and I’m confident that it’s accurate enough, but I can’t insert it very far into the mash tun for fear of getting liquid into it. Overall, the glass thermometer is still my first choice. I just wish it gave a reading faster.

+1, reliable and repeatable, but yea wish it was faster. All my digital and dial therms I was always questioning how accurate they were.

Thanks for the input. I did like the remote because it had a timer alarm and a temp alarm. I think I’ll try another of those but try to get a new probe. Ill also get a more accurate stick in one for the close tolerance.

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