Good IPA for imperial yeast?

I want to make an IPA and re-use its yeast for an Imperial IPA. Right now I have galaxy and columbus hops on standby, but I don’t have to use them. Anyone out there have a recommendation or should I just go ahead with any ol’ IPA? I’ve got one that uses Columbus, Centennial, and Cascade.

I’d go with any 'ol that was relatively low OG. If I were brewing an IPA that was for propogation of yeast, I’d go for one that starts with an OG of 1058 and finishes very dry (minimal crystal malt).

Any yeast that you would use for an ipa will work perfectly for an imperial ipa. Wlp001/1056/s-05 work great and are real american work horses. Pacman from rogue if you can get it or harvest it from a bottle of rogue beer will chew anything down into like the 1.010 range and make a nice dry ipa/imperial ipa. I havent used it in an imperial ipa but Denny’s Fav 50 is becoming my go to yeast for ipa’s as of late, pretty well attenuative and but still leaves some malty behind for a nice backbone for the hops.