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Good grief!

I think this is just a vent. So we made the NB Heady Topper extract kit on 2/5. The thing fermented like crazy and blew the top off a Big Mouth bubbler. Seemed to be done fermenting at 2 weeks so secondaried. Let it go and dry hopped a week ago and all of a sudden it seems to be fermenting again. Checked the gravity today and we’re at 1.012, still bubbling. Tasted it and it’s pretty yummy and definitely some alcohol but still not clearing. Hoping she finishes soon and I can get it in the keg. Got the fixings for another batch sitting here and need the fermenter! LOL :grin:

I’ve had airlock activity after adding dry hops to the fermenter. Not sure it’s fermentation or just some off gassing since it didn’t change the FG.

Keg can take the pressure :grinning:


Changes in barometric pressure can cause CO2 offgassing and sometimes even a light froth that looks like krauesen.

If it tastes and smells OK keg it and brew on. Then order another fermenter.

I always get CO2 coming out of solution with a dry hop. The pellet debris creates nucleation points as they break down and submerge.

Thanks for the comments everyone! Figured it was normal based on other’s posts I found on here.

I am seeing some hops riding up with bubbles and dropping back in. I’m goin to let it go another day or two and take another reading just for s & g. :confused: If the gravity is nearly the same (don’t know how low it can go and still be a good thing) then I’ll cold crash it and keg. As my son would say, “We’re just makin’ beer man.” HAHBAR :wink:

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