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Today, I brewed my first all grain beer (BIAB). I started out with the Northern Border Cream Ale all grain kit. The kit contains everything that you need and is a real bargain. Everything went very well and the brewing proceedure couldn’t have been easier. The only problem that I had was that my brew pot isn’t big enough for a 5 gallon batch. I added water and then the grain after reaching 160 degrees. After adding the grain, I was right at 150 degree which I kept it at for an hour and then 170 degree for ten minutes. When I added the grain it took the level right to the top of the pot and when I put the lid on it overflowed a little bit. The pre-boil quantity that I had was right at 5 gallons but by the time it boiled for an hour, I only had a little over 4 gallons to add to the fermenter. Original gravity hit right at 1.040 and I am extremely Happy with that and if it tastes anything like it smelled while brewing, I will be a happy camper.

A question that I have is would I be better off going with a 10 gallon brew pot or could I use make-up water or Ice as I have done with some of my past extract brews. Also if you were to add a gallon of make-up water to a brew that hit the suggested O.G. of 1.040, won’t that adversely affect your Original Gravity?

Yes your OG will be effected by adding additional water. This site has many calculators.

Your OG should have been higher than that stated on the kit, being the kit is for 5 gallons and you ended with 4.

Did you dunk the bag in a 2nd pot with hot water to get more sugars out of them?

A 7-10 gallon pot would be better.

I Said that I had 4 gallons, what I meant was that I had 4 gallons that ended up in the fermenter. When I did my S.G, test out of the cooled brew kettle to determine the O.G. I believe that the amount of wort was close to 5 gallons or should you disregard the volume of the Hops that are in suspension at the bottom of the kettle for determining the O.G.

Ahh, gotcha.

You are still leaving a good amount of sugar behind in the grain. As you would normally start with 6+ gallons in the boil pot. You can boil more wort in a 2nd pot and add it to the fermenter. Until you purchase a larger pot.

Yes - and many brewers have to top off with water in the fermenter. So you make sure it is well mixed, and then take the OG.

When I top off, I add the water, then mix while aerating by pouring back and forth between 2 sanitized buckets. Then I take the OG, though there is foam to deal with.

Congrats on the AG brew.

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