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Good day...without brewing a thing

Well got a project done today. Been warning to make a counterflow chiller for awhile now. Followed a couple how-tos on YouTube. Still have to test for leaks but visually, it came out just like I wanted it to.

Hope to use it next weekend for a real brewday! :cheers:

Yeah, sometimes I have to spend a day cleaning or kegging. Usually if all my fermenters are full.
As the weather’s getting nicer, outdoor projects are piling up.

Keep us updated on your chiller. It’s a great feeling when your homemade equip. works like you expect.

I am so happy! I just tested the counter flow chiller I made.

I boiled a couple gallons of water, dumped that into a bottling bucket (no issue at all with that high a temp liquid at least for a short period!) then opened the spigot.

211 degree water went in…77 degree water went into fermenter! :cheers:

I am completely impressed! Best day at work ever!

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