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Good book on water

Does anybody know a good book/books on water for ag brewing? Just finnished my new rig and want to get a bit more into knowing my brewing water.

First off I would get a water report from ward labs. It costs about 17 dollars and they are very fast. Sent it on thu and got it back on mon by email. If you plan on running your water thru a water filter I would send them a sample that is filtered so you don’t have to guess how much clorine will be removed and stuff. After that is a program that is called bru n water that you can download online. The program has spreadsheets that alow you to input your water profile and lets you add your brewing salts that adjust your ph, calcium and other stuff.

Palmer’s “How to Brew” covers it well enough for most. If you want more depth there is Noonan’s “Brewing Lager Beer”.

I’ve heard whispers and rumors of an upcoming water book from Brewers Publications by John Palmer and Colin Kaminski. It’s supposed to be part of the “ingredients series” kicked-off with "Yeast: The Practical Guide…"etc.

In the interim, if you’re serious about brewing water, you’ll need two things:

  1. Ward Labs report
  2. Solid pH meter (Resolution 0.02, Accuracy ± 0.05 (0.02 is better) and ATC – likely minimum requirements)

Those two things may not give you the esoteric knowledge to look cool on forums, but they are necessary to understand water in your brewery.

A good place to start reading would be: ... er-198460/

Follow that with: ... ter_report

&& ... view_of_pH

Once AJs site comes back online, the lectures and papers there are the bees knees:

Search user ajdelange on TBN forum and HBT - that should give you enough reading to last 'til the book comes out!

^+1 Especially for kai and delange. Be sure to search out delange’s work on the ph and ph meters. Think they are (or will be) on his site.

I found Noonan’s New Lager Brewing very informative regarding water. Must read anyway if you’re into lagers…

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