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Good 2017

To my brew friends. A good 2017 and happy brewing


Thank you. I wish all the best for you and your family and friends the best also. Keep happy and stay safe.

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Same to y’all!

Yes 2016 was crazy glad it’s over, I think. Happy New Years to all

Yep another year in the books! Didn’t believe it when people told me the years fly once you have a kid. He’s 3 now and it seems like yesterday the Mrs. was pregnant!

Hope you all have a safe, fun, and happy new year!

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Starting the year with a new kegerator, a few kegs, a freezer full of homegrown hops and a bunch of pellets, and tons of ideas. This is probably the year I go from 6-10 batches a year to 10-20 batches.


Thank You Wilco.
Same back to you and yours.
And everyone else on the forum.
Let’s all hope and pray for a happy, prosperous, and much more civil year than 2016.

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If chaos is your thing, then you LOVED 2016!

I love chaos. Looking forward to 2017

I’ll be honest, I too kind of thrive in chaos.

Yes pure chaos it was. Make sense why i got mayhem inkt on my back

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Happy New Year to all.

Happy Brew Year!:beers:

Happy New year to all too! May this be the year, we have time to break the rule of 100 gallons per person per household of fermented libation!! :smiley: Sneezles61

I’ve certainly never went over the legal amount… I swear Uncle Sam!

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^^^^^^:no_mouth: Sneezles61

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Happy New Year to you all as well! Thanks for another year of sharing your vast knowledge with me.

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Happy New Years!

Best of luck in 2017, Wilco and everybody on this forum. Toasting y’all with a glass of my draft Pre Prohibition Lager!

Happy New Year to everyone. Hope to have a bit more time to hang out here in 2017.

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