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Goo problem found on Bourbon Barrel Porter?

Good morning more-knowledgeable-than-I homebrewers.

So I made a 1G batch of the Bourbon Barrel Porter from NB. It was great! was.

It’s been a couple months since bottling, and I recently opened one of the beers this weekend. As I poured it… I discovered there was a gelatinous goo type substance floating on the top of the beer. It kinda resembled a blood clot or something and had the same consistency?

I was a little disgusted by it… cleaned it out the best I could and tried the beer. It still tasted ok… but anyone have any idea what this crap was that floated on top? Not too worried about it hurting me, just curious as to what it could have been and how to avoid it in the future.

The recipe was followed pretty closely. 2 week primary, 2 week secondary. approximately 10d w/ the bourbon/oak cubes. The unfermented beer was xferred to bottling bucket via smart siphon, bottled with Fizz Drops, and set to condition for approximately a month. Somewhere around months 2 & 3 in conditioning temps is when this gel appeared for the first time. (Hope these details help?)


CJ, I hope you get an answer to this because that recipe is next on my docket.

By the way, did you get enough carbonation from those fizz drops?

Most probably yeast. Did you cold crash? What was the final gravity before bottling?

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